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Two years ago I created this little fellow, the descendant of the Australian coelurosaur Timimus.…

Back then Timimus was believed to have been an ornithomimosaur and to show signs that it hibernated. So I assumed it would be possible for it to have a hump or similar structure to store fat during hibernation. I specifically mentioned that it didnīt have enlarged dorsal spines as that seemed just too weird for an ornithomimid to be true.

Less than a year later a new study debunked the hibernation theory, and it was also reclassified as a tyrannosauroid, making my hump-backed hibernating ostrich-mimic horribly outdated. Seriously, a lot of discoveries and studies make my already drawn dinosaurs more and more obsolete; some of the "crackpot theories" like herbivorous Balaur, ostrich-like Deltadromeus and carnivorous ceratopsians seem to have bit the dust. The extend of feathers is a major annoyance. Sciurumimus was classified as a megalosauroid, which meant that the spinosaurids and carnosaurs of my project should get feathered, aswell, but the classification of Sciurumimus is challenged. Then there are the few ornithischians with preserved quills/proto-feathers, with relatives that got whole patches with fossilized scaly skin. And then there is also the idea that dinosaur scales are actually modified feathers, which would mean that every dinosaur species would have been feathered.


However, with all those new discoveries, there are still those which I love because theyīre showing I was actually on the right track with some animals. A study found Carnotaurus to have been a cheetah-like speedy killer, like my Crested Runner (which, before anyone calls me out on it, is copied from the Speculative Dinosaur Project, I admit); Lurdusaurus actually had a very long neck like my Heavy Honker; while Goronyosaurus itself probably wasnīt a freshwater mosasaur, freshwater mosasaurs have been found in Hungary; Hatzegopteryx apparently had a short, robust neck, meaning my Axe-beaked Strider is still too conservative; and - by far most unexpected - an ornithomimosaur (and not just any ornithomimosaur, freaking DEINOCHEIRUS) has been found out to have a hump on its back! Well and my entire aquatic bestiary can eat its heart out after the discovery of Ocepechelon...


I apologize for the inactivity of the last... years, itīs just that when I have nothing to report, I donīt report at all. I just stay on my other account, the one where I can just draw the newest dinosaurs. I havenīt drawn anything new for this "No K-T Project" in years and all those new turnovers in paleontology force me to redesign even what little Iīd already uploaded. This wonīt happen anytime soon (I am really lazy, and doing fictional field guides for several continents in multiple eras is tedious and gets boring after enough animals in similar ecological niches). Iīve also decided to axe several animals that havenīt even gotten their fact files yet, including - sadly - the "Boar-Saurs", the tusked quadrupedal heterodontosaurs that were supposed to mimic Primevalīs monstrosity of a Kaprosuchus. Itīs just that with sebecosuchians being so widespread in Gondwana, they likely inhabited Africa, too, and they likely kept any dinosaur from trying to enter a quadrupedal medium-predator niche. Iīm still undecided whether I should axe the Dodo-Raptors and Scutriches, theyīre some of the few speculative creatures I really didnīt copy from anyone.


This whole Journal was basically just an excuse to comment on the sail-backed Deinocheirus fad :P




Coelotitan piscator


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